My capstone project sexual assault awareness media project

Liliana had the unique opportunity of working collaboratively with community stakeholders,college administrators, Title IX coordinators and campus advocates in creating trauma informed and empowerment-based holistic approaches.

I am currently working on a series of blog posts and eventually another digital cookbook to complement the photo-a-day documentary I did supplemented with the handwritten recipes I have written down.

This interactive experience takes the language of treatment in 4. Lesson 1 sets the tone for the whole course. We partnered with Sonos Speakers to create our product: My cousin went to a college in Minnesota last year, and was raped while she was unconscious at a party. The themes of Destructive Behaviors have to do with the implications of being a student of color in predominantly white classrooms.

Each lesson is briefly described below. My team filed a provisional patent for our product, EquiTemp, and is in the process of bringing the product to market: This novel is available at most bookstores and online retailers.

During that year I was taking a leadership class for my Sophomore Inquiry and the final project was centered on mental health on college campuses. We explore factors that create and maintain a positive sense of well-being. Seniors are invited to propose projects that represent a culmination of their explorations both in the department at Connecticut College and their experiences beyond the campus.

Please contact Zapoura Newton-Calvert at zapoura pdx. You will examine these influences in your own life through an activity and short response paper.

The outcome is support, friendship, and learning skills that could carry on beyond their university years. Integrated Design Lab Semester 2: A recent study by the Nellie Mae Foundation indicates that building on existing networks, for example the Capstone service learning network, is one of the best ways to support summer learning programs and to close this gap Miller This lesson explores typical developmental stages which occur throughout the human lifespan.

I had recognized the need of a support group during the formation of my final project for Sophomore Inquiry. However, you will be required to read, understand, and evaluate articles and speeches. My goal was to combine some of NAMI instruction with Recovery International to give students the important tools for dealing with the stress and triggers that college life can have.

Lesson 6 focuses on identity development.

My capstone project sexual assault awareness media project

A significant contributor to the achievement gap is the summer learning gap.Related Research Project - Bodyspeak: An Analysis of the Sexual Assault Investigation Process in the Criminal, Restorative, and Campus Justice Systems Assisted survivors in evidence collection Industry: Research.

President of Penn State Project Haiti, Malizia (senior-Italian and dance) put together the performance for her senior capstone project, while at the same time serving a far greater purpose: to raise awareness for Haiti, according to the program.

* Capstone is an online course that begins Thursday, Community Service Project.

Project PEACE to Kick Off Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month

College will not tolerate any forms of sexual misconduct including but not limited to: sexual harassment, sexual assault, sexual violence and gender-based harassment by employees, students or third parties.

This includes prohibiting discrimination against. Campus Sexual Assault, Gender, and the Moral Misdirection College sexual assault has been the focus of a recent surge of attention. Unfortunately, the messages conveyed frequently reinforce gender stereotypes about women’s sexual passivity and men’s sexual aggressiveness.

Campus Coalition Against Sexual Assault (CCASA), Morgan Levell PDF Capstone Project: evaluation and recommendations of three programs for recidivism rates in the Monterey County Probation Department (Youth Center), Jesus Rocha.

Apr 03,  · Societal awareness of sexual harassment and sexual assault have soared in recent months as a result of misconduct charges sweeping across media, entertainment, and other industries.

My capstone project sexual assault awareness media project
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