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Lauffer received the Medal of Honor. Units of the NVA 22nd Regiment attempted to reinforce its headquarters, but were cut down in the crossfire of two companies of the 1st Battalion, 12th Cavalry.

Assisting in the defense of the new position, he aided the air-landing of reinforcements by throwing white phosphorous grenades on the landing zone despite dangerously silhouetting himself with the light.

The B bombers had struck the area of the NVA withdrawal. Once they were surrounded, all available firepower was concentrated in their area. When it ended the next morning, NVA bodies were counted. Soon after hours, scout helicopters reported a battalion-size force moving from the northeast.

This handful of soldiers and thirty miles of rugged, jungle terrain were all that stood between the onrushing NVA and their objective, the strategic town of Pleiku. The column loitered outside the killing zone for 90 minutes, while the troopers of the 9th Cavalry lay quietly in wait.

It was perfectly executed and the weapons platoon of the enemy, with machine guns, mortars, and recoilless rifles was caught in a wall of lead as the 9th Cavalrymen fired continuously for two minutes. Two other rifle platoons from "B" Troop were landed to exploit 1st try contact and began to sweep through the area.

The enemy had been given their first major defeat and their carefully laid plans for conquest had been torn apart.

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At hours, "B" Company, 12th Cavalry, the first of the backup units to arrive, air assaulted into a landing area meters east of the village in the face of heavy resistance.

On 05 Octoberthe Buddhist monks immediately began protesting in the streets, and in Saigon one monk died by self-immolation. Open in at over and he finished T69 at the U. Also there was a greeting party of relatives and neighbors who showered him with affection.

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Daly shot a 3-under 69, two strokes off the lead, before surging into first with a 5-under 67 on Friday. He describes the aeolipile as …a scientific invention [to] discover a divine truth lurking in the laws of the heavens.

They brought the platoon back with all wounded and dead. If he could find a way to defeat one true genius, he would be able to find a way to defeat another The killed in action were placed in a cargo net and were lifted out by a CH Chinook helicopter. What should have been a very relaxing evening was completely ruined when this white haired pervert stared at me and Eri the entire time, not even bothering to try and hide the fact that he was doing so ABC News crews were present to witness most of the homecoming reunions with loved ones.

Specialized training was stepped up. The next three days the area was saturated with artillery fire and B strikes. The enemy regiment was scattered and quickly smashed. The fighting, at close quarters, was too close for rocket support from the Aerial Rocket Artillery, or for Tactical Air support.

The VC directed heavy fire at Major Radcliff's helicopter, and as bullets tore through his aircraft, he was mortally wounded. And insouthern communists decided to implement greater violence to try to oust Diem. It was during the battle at LZ X-Ray that "A" Company, 7th Cavalry was moving through the valley to relieve a friendly unit surrounded by an enemy force of estimated regimental size.

In several hours of intense fighting, Alpha Company turned back repeated mass attacks. The operation was unique in that it was the first time a perimeter under heavy fire had been reinforced at night by heliborne troops air assaulted into an LZ where none of the assaulting forces had previously seen.

Chanthawong instructed one of the boys who had a torch to go investigate. On 02 October, at about 8: The LZ was under heavy fire as the units jumped from their hovering helicopters. Upon learning that the platoon leader and several other soldiers also had been wounded, Specialist Fifth Class Hagemeister continued to brave the withering enemy fire and crawled forward to render lifesaving treatment and to offer words of encouragement.

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For his valiant actions, Sergeant David C. The tangible results were 98 NVA killed by body count, 10 captured, two 82mm mortars, along with three 75mm recoilless rifles destroyed in place, as well asrounds of 7.

As dawned, the 1st Brigade began making new contacts with the enemy units in central and southern Kim Son Valley.This toddler-tested, proven-stronger Safety 1st door safety lock system 1st try discreetly and invisibly behind drawers and cabinet doors and unlocks with a magnetic key that.

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